ISSX is empowering scientists through education in 2022.

Supporting education and innovation.

In 2022, ISSX will host webinars, a virtual workshop, and a jointly-hosted in-person International Meeting with MDO in September in Seattle, Washington.


ISSX/MDO 2022 Meeting

“Excellent meeting, nicely arranged similar topics, enjoyed the all talks very informative.”

— 2021 Meeting Attendee

ISSX Meetings are organized on a regular schedule, with an International Meeting held in the North American region every third year. An International ISSX Meeting is a meeting for the entire Society with a broad ranging program to serve the interests of all its various scientific and geographical constituencies. Regional Meetings are organized to serve the interests of members within these regions; they may be more specialized, and the majority of the invited speakers are generally from the region in which the meeting is held.

ISSX Learning Center

The new ISSX Learning Center is your central online venue to interact with all virtual ISSX educational content and events. All recorded ISSX educational content is now available in a searchable catalogue. ISSX webinars are a free benefit of membership with ISSX. Attend live to ask questions or review the on-demand webinar recordings when your schedule allows. All webinar slides are made available to attendees for review after the live broadcast.

ISSX Webinars are presented by internationally recognized scientists on a variety of subjects relevant to the field. The ISSX Continuing Education Committee is charged with the responsibility for reviewing these educational offerings and setting the webinar schedule.


ISSX Workshop: Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling

Attendees joined from around the world June 7-9. This virtual workshop focused on the advancements in the application of PBPK as a mechanistic tool in the discovery and development setting.

“Thank you to the ISSX organizers for this wonderful opportunity. I learned a lot from the presentations, panel discussions and Q&A. Thank you very much!”

— 2022 Workshop Attendee

ISSX Workshops on specific topics operate under the same general principles as ISSX meetings, with an organizing committee and program review and approval from the ISSX Scientific Affairs Committee and ISSX Council.

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